What we study

Our research focuses on the ecology and evolution of symbiotic associations between animals and microbes. We utilize a cross-disciplinary approach incorporating ecological, evolutionary, behavioral, genetic, and microbiological approaches and employ molecular ecology and phylogenetic techniques to examine how microbes shape the biology of higher organisms. Our main study system is the quadripartite association between fungus-growing ants, their fungal cultivars, mutualistic bacteria, and specialized garden pathogens. sheep

Recent News!

  •   Dr. Currie got to talk about leaf-cutter ant colonies on Nature. The whole episode is great but check out the ants at minute 42

  • Senator Tammy Baldwin visited the lab! Check it out!

  • Cameron saw Will Smith while he was field collecting in Costa Rica! Who knew Will Smith liked leaf-cutters too?

  • The Ant-Cam is up and running! Watch our Atta cephalotes display colony in real-time as they maintain their garden and integrate leaf material! You can also follow the colony on Twitter!

  • The Leaf-Cutter Ants have officially moved into their new exhibit in the Microbe Place in the Microbial Sciences Building!

  • Cameron received the Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers!!!

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